What you share ALWAYS makes a difference.

For some of our family members, friends and many people in our community it takes just ONE medical emergency, disability, foreclosure, rental eviction, predatory loan, identity theft, or a change in resources due to loss or employment, death, divorce or family violence. Often legal problems arise or get worse at these times or because of these life changes.

Successful outcomes to legal problems can make all the difference to individuals, families and even Arizona's recovering economy.

Join us in making a difference.

Your donations increase our ability to work together for fairness in the civil justice system. We know it only takes ONE financial donation or ONE hour, week or month of volunteer time to make a difference.

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CLS is a Qualified Charitable Organization

Community Legal Services is listed as a Qualified Charitable Organization by the Arizona Department of Revenue and donations to CLS may be eligible for a tax credit for donations made to qualifying charitable organizations. For more information, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue at www.azdor.gov and click on Tax Credits/Credit for donations made to qualifying charitable organizations, or contact your financial advisor or tax preparer.

Community Legal Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID 86-0166615.

There are a variety of ways to donate to Community Legal Services

For information about the many ways to donate financially to Community Legal Services please contact our Resource Development Office at 602-258-3434 x 2150, email resourcedevelopment@clsaz.org, or click on the section panels below:

The cy-pres doctrine is a method of distributing a damage fund when the original purpose cannot be achieved. In class action lawsuits, if a payment of damages is to be made to class members, a fund is created. After class members' claims are paid, a residual amount may remain, and under the doctrine of cy-pres, judges and class counsel can recommend that residual funds be distributed to the "next best" use. In addition, when the amount of damages to each individual class member is too small to warrant distribution, the cy-pres remedy can be used for the entirety of a statutory damage award. The concept of a cy-pres award is that money will go to support a charitable purpose that is closely related to the underlying purpose of the litigation that created the award. Because it benefits those most likely to be unrepresented or underrepresented in the justice system, Community Legal Services is an appropriate recipient of cy-pres funds. In addition, the work of Community Legal Services benefits the broader society by ensuring that the justice system itself remains fair and equitable. For more information on cy-pres awards, please contact the Resource Development Office at (602) 258-3434.

Equal access to justice for all, regardless of income, is one of our most deeply held values, and part of the very fabric of our society. When you support Community Legal Services through your will or with another kind of planned gift, you re-enforce your commitment to equal access to justice, while making a statement about your belief in the importance of community. In addition, you ensure that these values endure into the future. You also save on taxes, increase your income, and pass on more resources to your heirs, depending on the type of gift. A planned gift is particularly appropriate if you wish to make a significant contribution to CLS but cannot do so at the present time. Speak to your financial advisor about one of many planned giving opportunities.

Arizonans look to our courts to protect their rights and to resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. To serve these ends, Arizona's judicial branch must work to ensure that all individuals have effective access to justice. This goal is advanced not only by examining legal representation for moderate and low-income persons, but also by helping self-represented litigants and others navigate the judicial process and by using technology to make courts more accessible to all.

You can learn more about the goals of the Advancing Justice Together initiative at https://www.azcourts.gov/portals/0/AdvancingJusticeTogetherSA.pdf.

Support Community Legal Services through the Advancing Justice Together campaign by donating through the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education.