CLS assists agricultural workers with a broad range of civil legal issues.

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Community Legal Services assists individual agricultural workers and the agricultural worker community at large throughout the State of Arizona. CLS is dedicated to ensuring legal access and protecting the rights of agricultural workers. Agricultural workers are a vulnerable group that often faces unique and challenging legal problems. In addition, CLS' San Luis, Arizona office is conveniently located to agricultural workers living close to the border.

Community education and partnering with other agencies enhances our ability to provide civil legal services to agricultural workers. Attorneys and legal advocates are available for presentations and participation in community outreach events and strategic advocacy planning. Brochures are available for individuals and agencies to facilitate access to legal services.

Agricultural workers often face hardships that are related to the nature of their work, environmental conditions and language barriers. CLS provides education, self-help advice and will provide representation of farmworkers for individual administrative employment issues and provide legal representation in federal court as resources allow.

Areas of legal assistance include:

  1. Wages
  2. Conditions of Employment
  3. H-2A Issues
  4. Consumer
  5. Contract Disputes
  6. Discrimination
  7. Family Law
  8. Harassment
  9. Housing
  10. Education
  11. Tax
  12. Unemployment
  13. Violations
  14. Workers Compensation Claims assistance
  15. Pesticide exposure

Agricultural workers can apply for assistance or agencies can contact CLS staff on their behalf by visiting or calling our offices or emailing Occasionally legal assistance and/or referrals are available to farmworkers in areas not listed above and/or are legal concerns that are unrelated to employment. CLS will also try to address emergency legal issues for workers such as problems that arise in seasonal out-of-state jobs.